Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still and Again

Last night I dreamt that I got remarried, but to Ryan again. In my dream, I was so sad because I was still in love with my first husband, Ryan. But Ryan kept saying how bad his first marriage was and how he couldn't stand his ex-wife, which was me, but for whatever reason he didn't make that connection. It was quite strange.
Sounds like an interesting screenplay, though. I could call it "Still and Again" - we were still married but we got married again. Cheezy - I like it.
Maybe Wes Anderson would be interested.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Faux Sushi

Candy sushi makes me just so gleeful! It whimsically brings together two of my favorite things.

In the past little while I have come across several sites that have done this:
There is chocolate sushi by Koo-Ki Sushi.
Not Martha made some adorable ones with twinkies that I really loved. Hers were inspired by The Secret Life of Food by Clare Crespo. I definitely want to buy this book.

I decided to use marshmallows, and added the "wasabi" chocolate mint and fake grass that you get with take-out sushi. For roe, I used Nerds.

They were fun to make but now I have an intense craving for real sushi.